Diaper Cake – How to Make a DIY Diaper Cake

I’m going to be a grandma! With this new title comes many new tasks including helping get my daughter’s baby shower prepared. So, when she said “Mom, I want a Paris-themed baby shower” and sent me a dozen pictures of Paris-themed diaper cakes, I couldn’t say no. I found colors I liked and went my own way with it. I have made several diaper cakes over the years for family and friends, so making one for my daughter is exciting. 


Here is a list of supplies that I used, but you will want to choose your theme and collect the supplies you would like to use.

  1. Stuffed French Poodle
  2. Tartan Pattern Pink and Grey Ribbon
  3. Cute Dog Paw Prints 
  4. Pink Eiffel Tower
  5. Hot Glue Gun
  6. Diapers sized 1-2
  7. Rubber bands
  8. Baby Shampoo
  9. Baby Lavender Shampoo
  10. Baby lotion
  11. A&D diaper rash cream
  12. Various girl baby shower decorations from Dollar Tree.
  13. Circular cut cardboard or cake cardboard base.

How to Assemble the Base Layer:

  1. Once you have assembled your supplies you will need to start by rolling each diaper and securing them with a rubber band as shown in the picture below. You will want to roll them from the top down to the bottom so they appear nicer. 
  2. After you have finished rolling the diapers. you will decide what you would like to place in the center of your cake. I taped the three bottles of shampoo and lotion together and used them as my center. 
  3. I used a tied ribbon to help me hold the diapers in place (since I didn’t have an extra set of hands at the time) until I had the first layer the approximate size I wanted it. 
  4. I then untied the ribbon and hot glue gunned the overlapping pieces. 
  5. Once the glue cooled enough to hold the pieces securely together I added in a few more diapers to make the layer tight. I ended up with 85 diapers in the base layer. 

Second Layer:

  1. You will repeat the steps above for the second layer. 
  2. I ended up using 42 diapers in this layer after I glued the overlapping ribbon and added a couple more diapers to make the ribbon tight.

First Layer:

  1. I added the A&D diaper cream to the center of the diaper cake and placed the top layer of diapers around it.
  2. I ended up with 23 diapers in this top layer after I glued the overlapping ribbon and added a few more diapers to keep the ribbon tight. 

Making the Bows:

  1. How you create bows is variable, I cut three ribbons 27 inches in length. 
  2. I created two bunny ears and tied a bow in the middle of the ribbon as shown as the picture below. 
  3. I then cut an approximately 1-inch strip of ribbon and ran a flame over the cut edge of the ribbon to prevent it from fraying. Then glue the strip around the center of the bow to give it a more appealing appearance. 
  4. I glued the bow to the top of the ribbon around the diapers on each layer where the overlap in the ribbon was visible. 
  5. Then, arrange the ribbon how you would like it and use a small bead of glue to hold the bow in place. 
  6. Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle and run the lighter flame over the ends to prevent them from fraying. 
  7. Again arrange the ends of the ribbon how you would like them and place a small bead of glue to secure them in place. 
  8. Repeat this for each layer. 

 ** Try to avoid getting glue on any of the diapers as you want them to be usable**

Added the decorations:

  1. (OPTIONAL) I wanted the stuffed poodle to sit on the side of the top layer and I didn’t want him to fall off. Using a needle and thread I added a couple of stitches and sewed him to the ribbon of the top layer. 
  2. I then added the decorations in a way that they hid the seams where the ribbons were overlapped. 
  3. I also glued the decorations to the ribbon around the diaper cake so that the whole cake was decorated, not just the front. 
  4. Lastly, I tucked in three other items I had purchased for gifts: Pacifier, brush and comb set, and a pacifier clip. 

The Cherry on Top:

  1. Well, not an actual cherry. 
  2. Because it is a Paris-themed baby shower, what would it be with the Eiffel tower?
  3. I placed a small Eiffel tower on the diaper cake to give it that finishing touch. 

I hope this helps you get started on your own DIY diaper cake. Please leave comments for tips and tricks. Also, don’t forget to check out my YouTube for an upcoming video with directions. Enjoy! 

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