“Mexican Gothic” by. Silvia Moreno-Garcia: A Book Review with SPOILERS

“Mexican Gothic” by. Silvia Moreno-Garcia A Book Review with SPOILERS Click here to watch the video review First Impressions:  The, “Mexican Gothic” by Silvia Moreno Garcia opens up with a party and a couple that is quickly leaving it. From the beginning, it is clear that Noemi Taboada is the main character. Initially, the opening […]

Oil Painting – Supplies

Getting Started:  When thinking of painters, the names of the greats come to our minds such as Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and many more. These artists were from different countries and yet,  today their work is known and treasured throughout the world.  But, even this small list of artists demonstrates the beauty […]

ManyCam – Basics for Beginners

ManyCam – Basics for Beginners   Getting Started: Online teaching is a growing industry that has exploded during the pandemic, but it isn’t a new thing. I started teaching online in 2018 when I took a little break from the brick-and-mortar schools. Many of the companies that I worked for required that you provide the […]