6 Oil Paint Brands and How They Compare

6 Oil Paint Brands and How They Compare   Since I began my oil painting adventure many years ago, I have always used the brand of oil paint called Georgian by Daler Rowney. I used to stockpile these paints when I could. Unfortunately, when I had what I thought to be enough I stopped buying it. Fast forward several years and this year I started to run out. But when I went back to the store I discovered they no longer carried that brand of paint. Forced to buy another brand I decided to do an experiment and see which […]

“When All Is Said” by Anne Griffin – A Book Review with SPOILERS

“When All Is Said” by. Anne Griffin A Book Review with Spoilers First Impressions:  “When All is Said” by Anne Griffin is a beautiful story that broke my heart. This book like many others I have read or listened to was a recommendation from a co-worker. Recently having lost my father to COVID this book almost instantly had me in tears. I can relate to the main character’s actions. He starts off the book talking about how he has finished packing up his belonging and labeled all of the boxes so that his son doesn’t have to go through everything. […]

Book Review of “The Sandman” with SPOILERS

A Book Review of “The Sandman” with Spoilers   **DISCLAIMER** THIS REVIEW DOES HAVE SPOILERS – For a spoiler-free review see my video review by clicking here.  In this review, we will discuss several parts of the story that I found interesting. I will not go too in-depth with every detail, mainly because this may have spoilers but I don’t want to completely spoil it. “The Sandman” by Neil Gaiman and Dirk Maggs, takes place when Morpheus (The Sandman) is captured by a group that was trying to capture death. When he is captured they steal three of his magical […]

How to Oil Paint – The Artist Path to Self Acknowledgment

Self Acknowledgment The road to self-acknowledgment can be a long one. I have been a painter for about 19 years and a self-acknowledged artist for about 10 of those. What do I mean by a self-acknowledged artist? Well, most artists go through a self-doubt phase. For several years especially when I was still learning how to work with the different mediums, I didn’t consider myself an artist. I considered my paintings a “hobby” or “just messing around with paints.” I was constantly looking for validation that my paintings were any good. I can’t tell you when exactly the shift in […]

Diaper Cake – How to Make a DIY Diaper Cake

I’m going to be a grandma! With this new title comes many new tasks including helping get my daughter’s baby shower prepared. So, when she said “Mom, I want a Paris-themed baby shower” and sent me a dozen pictures of Paris-themed diaper cakes, I couldn’t say no. I found colors I liked and went my own way with it. I have made several diaper cakes over the years for family and friends, so making one for my daughter is exciting.  Supplies:  Here is a list of supplies that I used, but you will want to choose your theme and collect […]

Oil Painting – Supplies

Getting Started:  When thinking of painters, the names of the greats come to our minds such as Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and many more. These artists were from different countries and yet,  today their work is known and treasured throughout the world.  But, even this small list of artists demonstrates the beauty of art. Not one of them had the same style of painting and all created beautiful pieces of work. Pieces that have survived through time and rendered their creators immortal through them.  With this romanticized idea of immortality and the various styles of artwork that […]

ManyCam – Basics for Beginners

ManyCam – Basics for Beginners   Getting Started: Online teaching is a growing industry that has exploded during the pandemic, but it isn’t a new thing. I started teaching online in 2018 when I took a little break from the brick-and-mortar schools. Many of the companies that I worked for required that you provide the students with some type of external reward. This reward could be anything from stickers to lining things up on a magnetic board. Some people were even creative and used a tablet with google slides. The problem with the external reward is that you needed a […]

How to Write an Essay – Tips to make it look right

Are you writing an essay by hand?  Blocks provide you with everything you need to build a larger page. Do not write past the pink lines into the margins.  Remember to indent the first line of a new paragraph.  If writing by hand this will be done by placing the tip of your index finger against the margin and writing on the other side.  Do not skip a line between paragraphs Try to avoid starting multiple lines with the same beginning word. Example: The dogs are brown. The dogs like to play outside. The dogs are big dogs.  Also, try […]


          Writing an essay can have you yanking out your hair while curled in a corner crying at 2 am. Even for experienced writers, the process of thinking about what to write and figuring out the format to put it in can be frustrating. Also, because there are many different types of essays (persuasive, expository, argumentative, etc.) how you approach the topic will vary. In high school, these papers will usually be about a page or two in length. In college, they can be several pages in length and usually require research. With so many variables […]

Sweet Rice to Warm Your Cold Day

Sweet Rice 3 cups uncooked long-grain white rice  2 cinnamon sticks (optional) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional) 8 cups of water 4 boxes (1oz ea) of raisins 1 can (12 oz) of evaporated milk  Does not need to be Goat milk How much you add will depend on how much water the rice has left after boiling. 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon 1 ½ cups of sugar An inexpensive sweet treat that was popular in my house growing up with sweet rice. So, after going through the physical and emotional struggle of the Texas winter storm these last few days, […]